Photographer Brie Williams and I have the good fortune to get to travel to some of Jamaica's most incredible resorts for work!! We go about 3-4 times a year, and always have some sort of crazy adventure- It's just the two of us doing EVERYTHING so I'm often holding fill cards, acting as digital tech, even hair styling!!! The incredible people we have met and become friends with and all of the lush beauty of the island make all that hard work worth it. I really do feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of this. Thank you Brie <3

In Miami with Mikkel Vang by amy chin

Travel jobs are always fun - especially when you get to go to warm and beautiful places like Miami. I love landing in a new city and figuring it all out - where to find things, how to make it all work and do it within your time frame & budget is always a learning curve. 

Shooting for Saatchi Wellness, pharma always stretches the creativity in particular ways that I really enjoy. This shoot was all over the place - we had mini golf, canoeing, kayaking, ice skating, game rooms, tire swings, pontoon boats, tubing, puppies, pinata parties, ping pong, ice hockey, tail gating to name a few ;) and we did it all in less than a week!


30 days straight, 7 locations, all-star crew! WHAT A SHOOT!!

This was a marathon of a shoot - but we never stopped having fun. We shot in abandoned mansions, a ship captian's house from the 1780s, a Great Gatsby-esque villa - turned abandoned nunnery, an enviously restored barn upstate among other incredible locations. Everyday was a creative and logistical challenge as well as being a bit like summer camp. Thanks to Simon Watson our brilliant photographer, Lilian Hough our uber-talented creative director and Kara Packouz our superhero of a producer these 30 days went off pretty darn flawlessly. I am so proud of the finished product and can easily say it's some of the best work I've ever done. Pictured below are a lot of shenanigans with Hugh and Sam my two amazing assistants, and the rest of this awesome crew. 

Fun with Pharma by amy chin

I had the amazing opportunity to work with photographer Mikkel Vang, who I have been a super-fan of for so long.  With the all-star team at Saatchi Wellness at the helm - this was an extraordinary crew.  We shot at 2 gorgeous homes in Malibu and had a sunrise shoot in Malibu Creek State Park.  We created from scratch  a coffee house on a fall day, a beach board walk, an outdoor restaurant, a library, an art gallery, camping scenes and we even had a fire pit! It was a whirlwind, but a blast and I cannot wait to do it again !


Anthropologie comes to LA!!

We shot in two incredible locations in Malibu and Venice with photographer Simon Watson. Pictured here are mostly my two guys Hugh and Patrick hard at work building an amazing base for our rug house on a VERY windy hill.  We also floated a bed in a pool, shot during an unsual LA downpour, and rigged a hammock sturdy enough to actually hold the model. That gorgeous shot I'm proud to say, made the cover of the book! 


We went to Trancoso Brazil - which is quite a journey, but well worth it & definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. We shot in and around the town of Trancoso & at this incredible hotel/spa UXUA. It was hands down one of the NICEST places I've ever been..  Our photographer Erik Madigan Heck captured the saturated colors and vibrancy of this gorgeous off the beaten path place.


This job was a whirlwind of unprecedented crazy genius. I know, I know... that sounds like an over dramatization.. but really. It was. First of all, I got to work with the superstar agency 72 and Sunny (and we actually made the top 10 of Ad Age's 2014 List AND got an honorary Webby!!!). This project was genuinely groundbreaking - it was realized at at the infancy of video on Instagram; when all content HAD to be shot on an iPhone.  We also had the added challenge of accomplishing this all in real time.. meaning - in real time we would receive submissions from Target Instagram followers to be featured on the Target Instagram feed. Then a crew of writers and storyboard artists from 72 & Sunny would concept ideas around the chosen submissions. They would then come to my team to make them a reality. It was an impressive mix of low-tech and cutting edge technology working together. 

Some quiet moments during a crazy shoot by amy chin

This was a super hectic shoot for Town & Country Magazine. We had 2 cars, a 30 foot boat , a golf cart, a custom made dock, a canoe, trees, teepees, hedges.. never mind an army of taxidermied squirrels, birds, rabbits and a moose!! On top of all that we had a ton of gorgeous product to feature for Town & Country's Travel Issue. Amongst all of the craziness I managed to get these two shots of my assistants. A few of my favorite behind the scenes captures ever.