30 days straight, 7 locations, all-star crew! WHAT A SHOOT!!

This was a marathon of a shoot - but we never stopped having fun. We shot in abandoned mansions, a ship captian's house from the 1780s, a Great Gatsby-esque villa - turned abandoned nunnery, an enviously restored barn upstate among other incredible locations. Everyday was a creative and logistical challenge as well as being a bit like summer camp. Thanks to Simon Watson our brilliant photographer, Lilian Hough our uber-talented creative director and Kara Packouz our superhero of a producer these 30 days went off pretty darn flawlessly. I am so proud of the finished product and can easily say it's some of the best work I've ever done. Pictured below are a lot of shenanigans with Hugh and Sam my two amazing assistants, and the rest of this awesome crew.