This job was a whirlwind of unprecedented crazy genius. I know, I know... that sounds like an over dramatization.. but really. It was. First of all, I got to work with the superstar agency 72 and Sunny (and we actually made the top 10 of Ad Age's 2014 List AND got an honorary Webby!!!). This project was genuinely groundbreaking - it was realized at at the infancy of video on Instagram; when all content HAD to be shot on an iPhone.  We also had the added challenge of accomplishing this all in real time.. meaning - in real time we would receive submissions from Target Instagram followers to be featured on the Target Instagram feed. Then a crew of writers and storyboard artists from 72 & Sunny would concept ideas around the chosen submissions. They would then come to my team to make them a reality. It was an impressive mix of low-tech and cutting edge technology working together.